I love all the people that complain:

"If someone tells me to wear a mask, I'll tell em' off!"

Some people HAVE to wear them. Now, because of such a resistance to them, you can be fined if you don't wear one indoors or crowded places outdoors. 500 BUCKS is the cost of the ticket. Seriously, some places of employment are writing people up for NOT wearing them. The bosses are taking this pretty serious. Even Trump had one on in public the other day.

My boss hooked me up with this sweet WMMQ mask.

Look, I ain't even trying to sell these things. I HATE MASKS! I only wear them to protect my family. I KNOW it won't protect me from getting the virus but it will seriously cut down the spread. That is a fact your friends on Facebook without science degrees need to look into.

I have tried so many masks. Some do make it hard to breath (not as much as the virus). Some fog up your glasses. Some rip when you go to put them on your fat head, but this one is bad ass, man. It's a nice smooth material, like the stuff they make the fancy underwear out of. No kidding, I honestly loved my mask. I kept it on for like 10 minutes in my house without remembering I had it on. Click here to check out our Merch store and see check em' out.

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