"Beach home" and "budget-friendly" are two phrases that you typically don't hear together.

That's because beach home property is particularly expensive.

However, if you've ever dreamed of owning some lakeside property and money has been an issue, you may be in luck. This Northern Michigan beach home is for sale, and it's not too hard on the wallet.

Lakeside House For Sale in Northern Michigan

This Zillow listing from agent Julie Geno or Aero Real Estate takes us to Atlanta, Michigan. This cute three-bedroom, one-bathroom home sits right on Little Brush Lake and has dock access.

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But let's get the to important part before we dive deeper into this adorable abode: Price.

How much is this lakeside property going to cost you?

Only $159,900.

That's less than some 3-bed 1-bath homes here in the Lansing area. And they don't come with this gorgeous lakeside view.

Photo courtesy of Julie Geno Aero Real Estate via Zillow
Photo courtesy of Julie Geno Aero Real Estate via Zillow
Photo courtesy of Julie Geno Aero Real Estate via Zillow
Photo courtesy of Julie Geno Aero Real Estate via Zillow

Such a beautiful view, both in the warm and cold months.

Budget-friendly Northern Michigan Beach Home For Sale

Oh, and did I mention that this house has been completely redone?

According to the listing, it has an "all-new kitchen, appliances, floors, doors, paint, [and] fixtures." And not only is it newly updated, but the owners are selling it completely furnished (with the exception of a small handful of items). So, it's quite literally move-in-ready.

Take a look through the rest of the house in the pictures below. You'll see the cozy living with a fireplace, an extra-large Master bedroom, and a super cute sunroom.

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