Why did the chicken cross the road? To cause drama in the Three Rivers, Michigan Area Information Facebook group, of course! If you're not a member of this private community on Facebook-- you should be. You are missing out on some comment gold! Allow me to fill you in.

I'm not sure if it's due to the rise in avian influenza cases or the full Pink Moon or what, but since the beginning of April there have been at least 5 different posts concerning chicken coops, city ordinances, and loose chickens on this group page. I have to ask: is everything OK down there?

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It all started on April 8, 2022 with an innocent question: Does anyone know the number of chickens you’re allowed to get in city limits?

To say the answers were unhelpful is an understatement. Most responses were in regards to KFC. Things then escalated on April 12 when a local woman named Chrissy expressed concerns over roaming chickens. Says Chrissy,

Who do I get in touch with about chickens? The people two houses down from me have chickens and they are constantly in my yard tearing up where I’m gonna plant my flowers, pooping in my yard and driveway. My kids run around outside barefoot and today my 2 year old picked up chicken poop that was on my driveway, I hate to be that neighbor but this is bull.

Most residents offered up helpful, logical solutions like: Go talk to your neighbor first, call code enforcement officers, or go to City Hall. Apparently the conflict did not get resolved as Chrissy offered an update on April 21 adding,

Just an FYI, anyone taking Pealer Street this afternoon needs to watch out for loose chickens. My neighbor refuses to keep them contained, lets them free roam the block, and they have been blocking traffic all day. I've called and asked for animal control (none on duty) and an officer. I don't know if they will catch them and remove them or not, unfortunately.
Now, this is where things went awry! Apparently the folks in Three Rivers feel very strongly when it comes to free-range chickens. Some of the more hilarious comments include:
  • "Why is everyone complaining about chickens lately lol. it's a CHICKEN! " - Kori
  • "These city chickens ain't trained" - Mandy
  • "The chickens and dogs in this town just wanna be free like the cats. Let them live their best life already" - Jessica
  • "Build a coop in your yard and start feeding them! If they choose you then they are yours right?" - Jenelle
  • "There really is abnormal amount of chicken drama lately" - Lisa

For the record, Three Rivers residents are allowed to keep chickens within city limits so long as they are, "Kept in a sanitary condition and in an enclosed yard or coop which shall be located not less than twenty (20) feet from the street line nor located within such a distance as to jeopardize the health and welfare of the occupants of the adjacent approved or adjoining property" per city ordinance.

Does this type of drama happen elsewhere in Michigan?

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