"The Detroit Lions are NFL Champions!"
It's been almost 57 years since those words were uttered. So long ago, it would take almost another 10 years for the Championship game to be called the "Super Bowl."

It's easy to think the Lions would be everyone's favorite but long suffering Lions fans have turned on the franchise and given up hope. The Lions have never been to the Super Bowl and they have only been close a handful of times. There is only one team in the NFL that has a longer Championship drought and that is the Arizona Cardinals. Their last Championship was in 1947. They did get to the Super Bowl though in 2009. Something the Lions franchise can't brag about.

The Tigers last World Series title came in 1984 and everyone had "Tiger Fever" at the time. I bet most Michiganders who were alive could tell you the starting infield, to this day. "Bless You Boys" was on everyone's mind. The State of Michigan was behind the Tigers and when they won, it was chaos of the highest order.

The love for the Tigers is still prevalent but the love for the Lions has receded, with good reason. Ownership. The Tigers have Detroit pizza magnate Mike Ilitch, who seems to care about his product and winning. While the Lions are owned by William Clay Ford, Sr. who seems content to just have people in the seats. For years, the Ford's have seemed disconnected from the reality of how bad their team is. What is most frustrating to Lions fans is there has been some once in a lifetime talent wasted. We watched Barry Sanders quit before he broke the NFL rushing record. We are currently watching one of the best receivers ever to play the game, Calvin Johnson mismanaged. Losing takes it's toll not only on the team but on the state. The morale of the entire state could be lifted if one of our teams is crowned.

I think a Lions Championship would be bigger for me, because it's so unlikely. The Tigers are close and I have seen first hand the positive effect it had on us once. It brought so many people together in joy. We were winners! We could be again this year.

28 Days away from Opening Day at Comerica Park! (Will mother nature comply?)

What Championship do you think would be better for the State of Michigan?