As I have always had a great appreciation for my friends in law enforcement and those in general who protect and serve America on a daily basis, I now believe that I have an even better understanding than ever before.

Today members of the Lansing media were invited to participate in our annual "Media Shootout" at the invitation of Sheriff Gene L. Wrigglesworth and the Ingham County Sheriff's Department. Different from years past, today was a simulator that incorporated "shoot or don't shoot" scenarios. The handguns were real and built for the simulator and did not fire any rounds. Your shots were seen on the screen to show point of hit or miss. The scenarios were real. The people on the screen were real. We were instructed to offer the people in question real commands and if they did not comply, the judgement was yours. The life you saved very well could have been your own.

Without going into great detail, I will say that my partner Danny Stewart of 99.1 WFMK and I, went home at the end of our shift. As did the police officer that was wearing plain clothes and did have a gun in one of the scenes. All told, the feeling of it being all too real was amazing! I walked out of the room with my heart pounding hard and my adrenaline coursing!

As many of you know, I hunt and shoot on a fairly regular basis. I am no stranger to firearms and shooting a moving target. On the other hand, I am glad to say that I have never had to defend myself on that level and pray that I never do. And for those who come to Facebook and other forms of social media with their opinions on what they would have done better in the situations that law enforcement makes in the same manner can keep their mouths quiet and fingers off of the keyboards! Everyone has on goal; "To make it home at the end of the day," regardless of what you do!

And if you must know, Danny and I finished a VERY close second.

Special thanks to Dave Wasinger of the Lansing State Journal for this Awesome article and photos! Check out the link below: