For years, my mom would take her grandkids to the nursing home in our areas. She would take them there at Christmas and sing carols. She always made sure the shut ins in our family got a visit and a hug from a kid.

I once worked at a retirement community and the energy the residents get when they are visited is easily noticeable. Their attitude towards everyone and everything gets a little better. Some people brought their dog, their cat or their kids. It always lifted their spirits. Especially the musicians. Whenever someone came in with a guitar, the place lit up. Music has been shown to trigger the memory and stimulate the brain. It helps make Alzheimer's patients more manageable. Click here to see that story.

Today is National Cheer Up the Lonely Day. It was started by a person from Michigan. You can get more info by clicking here. Francis Pesek of Detroit gets credit for creating the concept.


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