Todd Courser is the Michigan politician who had an affair with another politician. Then, came up with a fake story that he was gay to try to cover it up. It's all quite entertaining. Other than the fact that he and his mistress, Cindy Gamrat have cost Michigan in reputation and taxpayer money.

Now, Courser is running for Hugh Jackman. Since neither one can die, it only seems fitting. Todd has laser surgery set up to correct his vision. Soon, his glasses will no longer be needed.

I wish you could bottle his ego because you have to be some kind of sociopath to do all he has done and expect support. He was considering a run at Lapeer County Prosecutor. Seemingly, not because he thinks he can do a good job. Because the last Prosecutor didn't charge his girlfriend's husband with making threats against him. Read that again. He had an ax to grind against the current Prosecutor because of his own mistake.

He has refused to admit any kind of contrition and seems to think he is above reproach. Seems like a perfect politician.

Todd is not really running for Hugh Jackman. Just trying to hijack his look. He really is in the news. Click here to see why.