Pizza is arguably the best food ever made. In fact, I'd go as far as saying I don't know if I could trust someone who doesn't like pizza. It can be vegan, carnivore, veggie or whatever, but it's always been the favorite to a lot of people. In Michigan, we have quite the history when it comes to pizza. We've had one of our own create Detroit style, which apparently dates back to the 40's:

Detroit-style pizza, a descendent of Sicilian-style pizza, traces its roots to one man – Gus Guerra. In 1946, Gus owned what was then a neighborhood bar, Buddy’s Rendezvous, when he decided he needed something new for the menu. He enlisted the help of his wife, Anna, who borrowed a dough recipe from her Sicilian mother. The Sicilian dough, topped with cheese and tomato sauce, would become the model for pizza in Detroit.

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With the rise of Detroit style, we've seen a lot of different places put their own spin on pizza. Now we have all sorts of styles to choose from. But apart from the different styles, we've also got some incredibly named pizza places. I went on the hunt for the 10 coolest names, based on how much fun they had, what it's about, and creativity.

Even if you didn't make the list it doesn't mean we don't appreciate the delicious pizza you make, but we have to tip our hat to the following restaurants:

The Top 10 Michigan Pizza Places Based on Names Alone


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