We are a few days into our stay at home order, and if you are looking for something to do then cleaning might be a good option. If you are cleaning around your house though, you will probably clean your floors or counter tops, but there are a few things around the house that you may forget to clean. According to Reader's Digest, there are over a dozen places around the house that you might forget to clean so hopefully after you see this list you can put these areas on your list to clean during this time.

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  • Bet_Noire


    Your fridge might be crowded now if you have stocked up at the store, but cleaning out expired food is always helpful.

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    Yes, you can put fiberfill pillows in the washing machine. Wash two at a time following the instructions on the care label. Otherwise, warm water on a gentle cycle will do the trick.

  • eggeeggjiew

    Windowsills & Window tracks

    You can dust as well as use a spray bottle of white vinegar to spray the area and let it sit for a minute then wipe it away or use cotton swabs to clean.

  • photovs

    Kitchen Drawers & Cabinets

    The place where you store your dishes and bowls needs to be cleaned, just make sure you take the dishes out before starting.

  • Jupiterimages

    Shower Curtain

    This is something you forget to clean until it gets very dirty and you should be cleaning it every month or two due to mildew and soap scum build up.

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    Things in Your Wallet

    You can't wash most wallets, and don't wash money, but you can wash the credit cards and other cards in there. Apparently, one in 10 bank cards could be covered in fecal matter so you might want to clean them. Wipe the card with a damp cloth or anti-bacterial wipe, then gently scrub the magnetic strip with an eraser.

  • SasinParaksa

    Doors & Door Handles

    You might have wiped down door handles at work but you should be doing it at home too because germs from the outside can still get on them. You might also want to clean the door knobs/handles on your car too.

  • Stockbyte

    Area Rugs

    Vacuum them every week but also if you can wash them (or fit them in your washing machine) then do that because rugs can attract tons of dust and germs.

  • Maximkostenko

    Small Appliances

    Your microwave can always use a cleaning, but so can your toaster or any other small appliance. Obviously make sure you are careful when cleaning them and unplug them when cleaning.

  • ManuKro


    Any toys that your kids play with or don't play with should be clean. You can use a mixture of bleach and water to clean them but make sure to rinse them off with water after.

  • Jarek Joepera

    TV & Computer Screens

    Obviously turn off the devices before cleaning. This should take a few minutes but wipe away dust and loose dirt with a soft cloth. Then, dip that cloth into a solution equal parts water and isopropyl alcohol and wring it out (it should be damp, but not wet). Gently wipe the screen and dry with a second cloth.

  • Martin Poole

    Reusable Grocery or Laundry Bags

    This is something that most of us don't think about, but you put your clean clothes back in that bag or basket so you will want to keep it clean. If you use grocery bags you will want to clean them weekly or whenever you have bought frozen items as it will get the bag all wet.