Every bad video countdown needs to include Cameo's "Candy."

A lot of cod piece value in "Candy." It's always good for a laugh. Now, on to the worst 5 rock videos of all time. At #5 we find Ronnie James Dio and "Rainbow in the Dark." The late Ronnie James Dio was awesome and is missed, but his video for "Rainbow in the Dark" is shot during the day and there is no rainbow. I love it when they point in videos. It's like they are talking to me.
Coming in at #4 on this god awful video list is Mick Jagger and David Bowie "Dancing in the Street." The sexual tension in this video is palpable. It gets downright uncomfortable when they are face to face.
#3 has to go to Eddie Money for the "Shakin'" video. I bet Eddie NEVER watches this gem. His facial expressions are why video killed the radio star. The mouthing of the guitar is pretty special but the "Shakin'" in the car at the end of the video is my favorite. Uncomfortable.

#2 Worst video Journey "Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)" There is so much to laugh at in this video.

Man, I love a concert at an empty loading dock. To top that, Billy Squier is gallivanting around his apartment doing his best "Flashdance" in the "Rock Me Tonight" video. Billy has some questionable lyrics: "Put your left leg out. Keep it all in place. Now work your way right into my face." Line from "The Stroke" but in "Rock Me Tonight" he imploring to "take me in your arms."  Again, discomfort is a word that comes to mind when I see this video.

What song do think has the worst video?
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