Nick Chase had this DUMBASS picture on my computer all summer. Jim Harbaugh kissing Hank Aaron's ass. I had enough of that bull****. So, I changed the picture.

From the Pants Selfie stash

What is even funnier about that picture from Getty Images is the girl's face in the corner. THAT should be made into a T shirt. No face mask call? WTF???!!!!

Courtesy of Getty Images

When I arrived at the studio today, I saw Nick had changed the pic again. The picture is below and features Jabrill Peppers striking a Heisman pose IN A LOSS. Coach Dantonio has sent one four year group of seniors packing without ever beating MSU. He did that four years ago after Nick said "THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN!"

So, today I thought I would troll the Wolverine once more with a reminder of last year.