I am a huge fan of Halloween. When I was a kid it was all bout getting the most candy that I could. Now that I am an adult and have kids, it's all bout them.

Times have changed. "Back in my day" we went to as many houses as possible to score the biggest cache of candy. Of course we were safe, we never trick or treated alone and you bet my parents checked each piece of candy that I received. They looked for things like puncture holes from needles, razor blades and even glass. One thing we never ate were homemade food items like popcorn balls and caramel apples. I am a trusting person but will not allow my kids to eat those items either.

There's always a risk on Halloween for those that trick or treat. Going to strangers' houses asking for candy is kind of creepy if you think about it. One way trick or treating has changed during my lifetime is with the conception of Trunk or Treat.

What is trunk or treat? Good Housekeeping defines it as:

Participants go and bring their cars to central location, usually a parking lot (for obvious reasons). The drivers and their families decorate their cars for Halloween, sometimes creating elaborate scenes out of their trunks.

Of course you need to bring candy to hand out. The idea of having a Halloween event in a parking lot is a great one. The kids will be in the same spot as the parents and the parents can keep a good eye on their kids. I would still check the candy before consumption.

Get dressed up in costumes, decorate your vehicle, bring tons of candy to handout, and most importantly, bring your camera to get lots of pictures while you are creating new memories.

7 Awesome Local Trunk or Treat Events

10/27 - 6p - 8p Trunk or Treat at Woodview  - Woodview Church of Nazarene, 1500 E State Rd, Lansing. There will be decorated trunks, free candy, free food including hot dogs, chips and popcorn and lots of activities for the kids.

10/22 - Noon - 1p - St Johns Off-road Park Halloween Trunk or Treat - Mint City Off-Road Park, 2710 W Townsend Rd, St Johns. Try something new and bring your four wheel drive.
10/31 - 5:30p - 8p - The Village Lansing 4th Annual Trunk or Treat - 3525 S Martin Luther King Jr Blvd Suite G, Lansing. It's the 4th Annual Trunk or Treat Event in The Village Lansing parking lot! The kids will have a blast and there will be a live DJ, tons of candy and contests and activities to participate in.
10/26 - 6p - 7:30p - Trunk or Treat - Immanuel Community Reformed Church, 3200 Delta River Dr, Lansing. It will be fun for the whole family as you go from car to car to score your mini Snickers.
10/29 - 1p - 3p - Drive Thru Trick or Treat - Frances Park 2701 Moores River Dr, Lansing. Check out the scenic drive thru Frances Park. There will be a ton of vendors handing out cool stuff. No registration is required.
10/28 - 8:30p - 12a - Lansing MI ARNG Trunk or Treat - 3411 N Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Lansing. They are hyping this up as a spooky good time with lots of candy, decorations and fun.
10/22 - 5p - 7p - Jackson County Animal Shelter Trunk or Treat - Jackson Animal Shelter, 3370 Spring Arbor Rd, Jackson. This will be a blast with candy, costumes, dogs, cats and more.

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