For a large number of Michigan hunters, the State's turkey season will begin at sunrise on Monday. Men, women and children alike, will headin before light to set up and begin calling in hopes of that big spring gobbler.

Although many will be waiting for a big "Tom" to pop in front of them for a shot, hens with beards, are also fair game according to the Spring Turkey Hunting Digest, issued by the State of Michigan and the DNR.

As we all share the public lands of Michigan, take into consideration that turkey hunters will be wearing all camo and will either be in a ground blind or very still leaning against a tree for support. Wild turkeys have amazing eyesight and if they had the nose of a whitetail, we would never get them.  As the season will run through the month of May. mushroom hunters may want to exercise extra caution and stay away from using the red mesh fruit or vegetable bags that are popular for allowing spores to fall after collection. Because a male turkey's head is predominantly red (but can change to white and blue during the courting proves) black or maybe even the purple bags are the safer option.

Best of luck to everyone this Spring Turkey Season, and please feel free to send your photos ( so I can share them on my website!

Duran's 2016 MI Turkey
Duran's 2016 MI Turkey

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