It's National Radio Day! THANK YOU FOR LISTENING! It is bigger now than it was back then, really. Look, I work at a radio station and am talking to you on the internet. But try not to think too hard about that.

I got to the radio station in 2002. I walked up and asked for an internship because they were the only station in town I liked. I was just about to graduate broadcasting school and I wanted to see what it was really like. Well, it was like I found a long, lost home. I shared a similar type of crazy that was rampant around here back then.

I met Deb Hart. Keith Pellegrini. Duran Martinez, Larry Allen and the "Evil" Mark Stevens. Mark hired me to be the afternoon guy in 2005. He was one of the fathers of the Classic Rock format. I am honored to be the last guy he hired.

Larry Allen is a radio legend. Getting to win him over and earn his respect was like that annoying angel in It's a Wonderful Life getting his wings. Clarence?

Getting to know Deb and working with her was really a dream come true. She really is like family and WMMQ was really lucky to have her as the face of the franchise.

There were great local radio guys who popped in once in a while Tim VanHouten was a great friend, broadcaster and a guy with the voice of God.

So, really radio still is today what it always has been... About people. Here, it was local people. Guys like Duran, who went to school at Lansing Catholic. Or Tim, who came from Holt. Or Deb, who came from Midland. Thanks for supporting local radio and all the amazing businesses who advertise with us.

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