Because he is the best Quarterback the Detroit Lions have had in my lifetime.

Can you tell me the ONLY Lions QB to win a playoff game since 1957?

It's Erik Kramer. He remains the franchise leader in postseason completions (50), attempts (71), yards (590), and sacks (5) in a single season. He also holds the career franchise postseason records for touchdowns (5 with Tobin Rote), passer rating (99.2), sacks (9), and yards per attempt (8.2) as well. Facts from here. 

Kramer signed with the Bears 26 years ago. Good Lions quarterbacks do not come around often. NEVER FORGET THAT. The Lions let him walk.

They should do all they can to keep Matt Stafford around. They have completely failed him as an organization. Not building around him. Giving him a competent offensive line, or a stable organization for him to grow into. He has taken a lot of hits but he has about 8 good years left in him. Click here to see some of his mind boggling stats. 

No quarterback in the NFL has had more 4th quarter comebacks in the last 10 years than Stafford. The Lions always break your heart because he keeps them in games.

The main reason they need to keep him is because they really aren't that far off from the playoffs. They are a few players away from beating Green Bay. Plus, he is under contract at least until after next year. Unless you can get one of the top 2 picks and the Lions can't, getting rid of Stafford is the dumbest thing people are talking about right now.

He is the greatest Detroit Lions QB in 50 years. Enjoy #9 while you can. He will be a first ballot Hall of Famer.

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