A man in Michigan's Upper Peninsula has taken the term 'cat burglar' to a new level.

Just after 4 A.M. on Wednesday morning a Houghton County man got the scare of his life when he woke up to a gun pointed at his head.  This suspect was not kitten around when he demanded cats.  You read that correctly, cats.  The cat burglar specifically demanded to the two cats that lived in the residence that he just broke into. The suspect ended up grabbing one of the cats and took off.  The Laurium Police Department received assistance from the Keweenaw County Sheriff’s Office, Houghton County Sheriff’s Department and Hancock City Police Department on the search for the suspect.  It's good to get a helping paw or two in a case like this.  The unidentified suspect is in jail right meow as the police were able to track him down and arrest him according to Mlive,

The gun was seized during the arrest and he was booked at the Houghton County Jail on charges of home invasion and felonious assault.

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Now that the game of cat and mouse is over.  There's no mention in the report about the cat-napped victim's whereabouts.  It is unclear why a man would rob another man at gun point for cats.  The investigation is ongoing.  We'll keep you up to date on this tail when we get littered with more information.

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