Vernors is a Michigan staple. Michigan companies produce a lot of great products, and Vernors is definitely one of them.

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For over 150 years people have been drinking Vernors not only because it tastes good, it can also make you feel better. I am certainly not saying the tasty beverage is a cure-all, but people do drink it to soothe stomach aches, nausea, and more. I can say from personal experience, it helps with a hangover. It is also good with vodka, again I am speaking from personal experience.

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I recently found out that people use Vernors for cooking as well. Did you know you can use Vernors to glaze a ham? You can! Aretha Franklin, shared her family recipe on TV in 2018. Hey, if it is good enough for the Queen of Soul, it is absolutely good enough for me. People also use Vernors in baked beans, and cake.

Most Michigan residents are familiar with a Boston Cooler - Vernors and vanilla ice cream. It is super good, but have you heard of a Brown Cow? It is Vernors mixed with chocolate milk. At first I thought ugh, now on second thought I think it sounds alright. I would try it, maybe with a splash of vodka.

Another way to drink your Vernors is warmed up. Yes, hot Vernors. Some of you may remember Ted Nugent doing this in a Vernors commercial back in the day. I tried to find that particular spot, but unfortunately could not. I did find another spot featuring Ted for Vernors, you can see it below. Let me know if you have any Vernors hacks.

Cooking is not my specialty, but I think I will try making Aretha's recipe this weekend while drinking a Vernors and vodka of course. I'll let you know how it goes.

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