If you are a fan of military vehicles, keep your eyes out on the road for a vintage military vehicle parade that has been traveling across the country and stopped in the U.P.

Who doesn't like to check out old military vehicles? Heck, I get jazzed when I see a convoy of Michigan National Guard vehicles heading up north for some training let alone some vintage jeeps, trucks, tanks or whatever.

According to WOOD, the Military Vehicle-Preservation Association has put together an impressive historic convoy of 75 antique military vehicles who made a stop on Thursday in the Upper Peninsula.

The commanding officer of the MVPA Dan McCluskey said, "we have been traveling along the Yellow Stone Trail, which a lot of people really aren't aware of it. It was developed early in this century and it runs from Plymouth Rock all the way to Seattle Through Yellowstone National Park. So we are celebrating that particular nationally named road and following it from Aberdeen, S.D., to Conneaut, Ohio."

Some of these old vehicles are 100 years old and still purring like kittens. A 1918 Dodge Staff Car that was used in World War I is in the convoy. There are World War II Jeeps, 3/4 ton Dodges, and basically years worth of motorized vehicles.

People get a real treat when these vehicles roll through town. Many veterans come out to see the vehicles and especially the ones from when they served.

It the 50th anniversary of AM Generals Humvee so they have a huge presence in the convoy.

The convoy is going on for 24 days and will cover 2000 miles.

If you want to track the convoy's progress so you can time your visit to check them out just click here.

Those of you right here in West Michigan who are wanting to get an eye full, it looks the convoy will roll through the area August 10th and 11th.

If you would like to learn more about the Military Vehicle Preservation Association, click here.


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