The one thing we have been able to overcome in this battle against Covid-19 is getting three vaccines approved, and a large supply of vaccines now available for anyone 16 and older. The real issue right now are volunteers for on site distribution at the Frandor location. They currently have 50 volunteers, but now with activity picking up on people seeking the vaccine, the volunteer staff has started dwindling. This issue is putting them in the position that they have more doses available than appointments, which is not a good place to be.

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“We can’t run this clinic without volunteers,” Elizabeth Reust Sparrow Frandor Lab Manager said. “Obviously our hospital is full right now and our clinical staff is in the hospital care of patients who are sick. We can’t put any more resources here so if we didn’t have volunteers we wouldn’t be able to run this clinic.” People don’t have to be licensed pros to help out, but there’s a desperate need for people with experience giving shots. Ingham County Health Officer Linda Vail told News 10 that there’s a lot of work to get done before the virus is beaten.

Linda Vail of the Ingham County Health Department claims that people think they may be done, when in reality they have a major two to three week period in distribution that they need to get through. So they are encouraging their volunteers to please hang in during this critical time.

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Many of the volunteers have said they enjoy volunteering, and being able to get out to see and interact with other people. The Ingham County Health Department has seen a loss of volunteers too. Even though getting appointments is pretty easy right now, they are offering a vaccine spot to those who volunteer to help. If you are interested please click here for further information.


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