So, I didn't watch American Idol last night. I heard a kid from Michigan was going to be on there but I had NO IDEA he was from Dansville.

I had to get more info. I haven't watched the show in years so, maybe this was last year? Nope. Click here to see the entire lineup and Jacob's bio.

I NEVER get involved with these singing shows unless there is a local reason to watch.

Jacob sounds like a cool story and worthy of watching something I normally wouldn't. A lot of local guys have had success on these shows. Laith Al-Saadi and Joshua Davis both were awesome and got a boost to their career.

He currently works at a nursing home and loves caring for people, but music is what he believes he was meant to do. You don't know him...yet. Watch Jacob's #AmericanIdol journey begin Sunday, March 3 at 8|7c on ABC. @jacob_._moran

As soon as the video becomes public, I will share his performance.

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