With almost everything closed down around us, places like Walmart and Sam's Club remain open. Now, the workers are being rewarded by the company once again.

In a press release on Tuesday, Walmart and Sam's Club have announced that they plan to once again give special cash bonuses to all of their U.S. hourly employees. Those hourly employees include those in the stores, clubs, supply chain and offices, drivers, and the assistant managers of stores and clubs.

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In this round of bonuses, full-time hourly associates will be receiving a $300 cash bonus. Part-time hourly and temporary associates will receive $150. In total, Walmart and Sam's Club will be awarding their employees over $390 million in cash bonuses. Employees need to be employed by the company as of June 5th and will receive the bonus on June 25th.

This isn't the first time Walmart and Sam's Club have given a bonus to their workers during the coronavirus pandemic. On April 2nd, the company gave its employees the same cash bonus as well. Walmart also awarded its associates with an early Q1 bonus on April 30th.

It is always awesome to see companies going above and beyond to help their employees. Honestly, those employees deserve it. I have been to the stores often during this pandemic and the people that are shopping are a**holes. I'm not saying all of them, but many really need to see the business end of a backhand for the way they act. Congrats to the employees that put up with them and not strangle them, you deserve a little extra cash.

Source: Walmart


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