I mentioned to Joey yesterday that a friend asked me to to audition to voice a perfume commercial with him which, if we got the gig, would air in France.

Joey responded by saying, "Please don't show up late like you always do!"...what?

Granted, I get to the radio station about 5:45-ish every day and we start at 6:00 AM. The Boss knows that and he's fine with it. You can ask the Boss if I'm an ideal employee who is reliable, always gets the job done professionally and is an asset to the station.

Upon discussion of what 'on time' means, I am admittedly more than surprised that a LOT of you believe that if you're supposed to be somewhere at 10:00, that means you're late if you're not there at 9:45. If you get there at 9:59, you're late. But the meeting is at 10:00...?

Sure, I get that if you're going to a job interview, you should be there 10ish minutes early, but what if you're meeting someone for lunch?

After hearing Joey and me fight about what 'on time' means, more than one friend told me yesterday they wouldn't hire someone who showed up at the set time of an interview.

Another friend said that when she used to work for the state of MIchigan, her job started at 7:00AM, but the Boss told her she had to be there at 6:30 AM. What?! So, the job started at 6:30AM, then...?!?! I was so stunned I forgot to ask if she then got to leave a half hour early.

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