A dear friend of ours Ruth O'Hagan, over in Ireland posted an article about the need to waste time. Even for a few minutes, just doing nothing is necessary to our sanity.

In the days of my grandparents and parents, most of the work had more of a physical aspect and kept our bodies in motion. Even for myself, a large portion of my work was as a printing press operator and required a full day of standing and running machinery. Today for me, it's computers and staying stationary.

The question is now, "why do we not reward ourselves with a little me time?" Better yet as the article states, why do we shame ourselves for taking a day to sleep in or be a couch potato? All things that are needed in a world of increasing deadlines and multi-tasking. Maybe we take a page out of the Millennial handbook and just slack for about an our this week. But don't get too comfortable, we wouldn't want an uprising or better yet a movement of young people working for what they have. We might just lose our soap box and the right to complain about how unmotivated they are!

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