Watertown is found within Watertown Township, Sanilac County.

The first settler was Edward Cash, who arrived in 1851. From then on, things began to happen: the first schoolhouse was erected in 1867, a nearby sawmill in 1882, general store in 1883, and finally a post office in 1895 (the village of Cash, was named after Edward Cash and is approximately four miles northeast of Watertown. Cash has only less than ten homes remaining, and no stores whatsoever).

John Gimmel ran the sawmill, William Tomelson owned the store, and David Soule was first postmaster. The post office shut down for good in 1905.

Watertown’s main income was made  - obviously - from being a sawmill community; the town was also station on the Detroit, Bay City & Western railroad.

If you try to do an internet search on Watertown, make sure you add ‘Sanilac County’ as there are other Watertowns in Michigan.

Point of interest is the township hall at Morris & S. Sandusky roads. Also the old service station at the junction of S. Sandusky Rd & Watertown Rd., made up to look like an old Sinclair station (SEE PHOTOS BELOW).

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