All of the medical advice you can get on social media is astounding. My friends who never went to college suddenly have medical degrees and are experts in infectious diseases. I am no expert but I do tend to listen to doctors advice. You know doctors, the people who wear masks at work to protect themselves.

For a while when this whole thing started, I would wear 2 masks everywhere. Then, our mask supply started dwindling and I just wore one. Some experiments showed the homemade masks worked as good and in some cases better than the medical masks because the offer multiple layers of protection. If your mask has multiple layers, you may already be protected as good as you can be.

So, this doctor says: Doubling up your masks creates and obstacle course for COVID to navigate. He said wearing multiple masks is just as effective as wearing a N95 mask. Here is another story about it.

My wife thinks the whole mask thing is a band aid but other than vaccinations, it is currently the only tool we have in our belt.

The CDC says wearing a face covering can reduce the spread of COVID by 70 percent. That is IF you wear them properly.

Some people wear 2 masks AND throw a coffee filter in there too. Evidence in these 2 stories say it may actually work and these people are not crazy.

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