A friend of ours told us recently about a distant relative’s wedding reception in Statesboro, GA, which landed in the Top Five Crazy nights of his life. The ceremony was uneventful, but the party that followed was at a small Porky’s-style bar, right next to a swamp full of alligators; there were signs posted all over the place warning people to "NOT step off the deck".

It seems the groom had a something of a checkered past (convicted drug dealer, addict). His 'old friends' were not invited to the wedding, but they showed up at the reception anyway, as Joey says, "with mirrors and razor blades". He disappeared with them, never to return. The bride spent her reception night dancing with friends and family, then spent her wedding night at her parents' home being consoled. Apparently, it was a group effort to restrain the bride’s father from hunting down his new son-in-law, "Georgia-style".