Halloween is near. The cider is flowing, the spooky decorations are set up and pumpkins are going to be carved soon. The traditions of Halloween have arrived in Michigan. Trick or treaters will be knocking on your door soon. Be on the lookout for blue jack o lantern candy buckets.

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Our kids are stoked to hit the street and gather as much candy as possible. They've got their route planned out and are ready to go. My wife and I will be handing out candy at our home that we moved into in March. We're looking forward to handing out the "good stuff" to the kids, perhaps a beverage to the parents and giving the trick or treaters to option make smores if they'd like to do so over a fire in our driveway. If it's cold, they can warm up too.

A few years ago I learned about blue candy buckets. They mean something. Knowledge is power, pay attention.

What Does a Blue Halloween Bucket Mean?
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What does a blue candy bucket mean?

Children that may have Autism are strong candidates for those trick or treaters that will be carrying blue jack o lantern candy buckets.

Daily Voice says:

“The symbol of the blue bucket or blue Jack O Lantern is a subtle way to alert others that a child or young adult may not be able to make eye contact, or tolerate wearing a mask, or even say ‘thank you’ or ‘trick or treat.’”

It's also important to know, and RESPECT, that not everyone is comfortable broadcating to the general public any diagnosis, whatsoever. I respect the hell out of that.

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