Every state has things they love about their state and then there are things that residents don't like about their state. Also, giving people a platform to "complain" or "vent" is always fun.

I did a Facebook survey about what things YOU the Michigander are annoyed by in Michigan. As always, your responses were entertaining and enlightening.

One thing that was new to me in Lansing when I moved here was traffic circles. I learned about those in the mid to late '90s on the campus of MSU. Just like anything else, embrace it and it will work out. To date, I have not wrecked in a traffic circle. As annoying as they are, they do help with the flow of traffic.

Popular things that Michiganders don't seem to like are Michigan "left turns", roundabouts, snow, lack of snow and the list goes on. Living in Michigan means there is a strong chance that you will get snow. It's kind of what happens in Michigan.

For the most part, the responses are entertaining and creative. Thank you for not making this political.

What Annoys Michiganders In Michigan?

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