Here’s a memory for you. We knew it as the Chic University of Cosmetology and it was a part of this community for many years. What ever happened to it?

First of all, It was first located in the old Helmer building downtown on Ottawa. Chic moved next to Witmark at one time, and also expanded to other locations including building their own building on 4-mile. Today, Chic is now Empire Beauty School on Alpine and 4 Mile.

But, the real story here is whatever happened to the old Helmer building? It didn't go anywhere and certainly wasn't torn down.

First, in the early 80s, the building was combined with two other buildings and "wrapped," so to speak, to look like one huge office complex and called 50 Monroe. Huntington Bank's headquarters were there, Friday's restaurant as well.

In the early 2000s, our radio stations moved into the building taking over the 5th floor. Our group, 100.5 The River, WGRD, WLHT, WFGR and WNWZ are still here, but, boy, has the building changed.

A few years ago, the CWD group purchased the building and "unwrapped" it so to speak. What they found were three historic structures just waiting to have their beauty restored. After a few years of painstaking restoration, inside and out, their beauty has indeed been restored.

Andy Rent

Today, where Friday's was, is now the AC Hotel by Marriott, and all of our studios are still on the fifth floor, but in what is now called, not the Helmer Building, but 37 Ottawa!


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