Click below to see my 2013 Holiday outfit and pictures of the 2013 Townsquare Media Holiday party.

I love Christmas time. Last night we had our Holiday party at Spare Time on Saginaw. I really dress up to entertain myself, but I always I love it when people appreciate it.

I spent about 5 bucks on my costume from thrift shops. I really was shooing for "Cousin Eddie's" blue leisure suit from "Christmas Vacation" but finding a baby blue butterfly dress shirt is pretty impossible. Plus, I really didn't want to shave my awesome beard. I have been growing it for another Christmas costume I plan to wear on Friday December 20th.

I had people tell me I looked like Barry Gibb and was called a "Scumbag" by one little person attempting to elevate himself by pushing others down. 'Tis the season!

All I cared about was Deb's reaction. She died laughing as soon as she saw me. Merry Christmas! Enjoy! -JP