Everybody poops. It is a fact that cannot be denied. Some people refuse to talk about it.

When Ruby Tuesday was still open, Mrs. Pants and I went there for a dinner. They had some crab fondue and as soon as I took a bite, I knew it was going to make a quick exit. I was sweating all the way home to a photo finish. I probably wouldn't eat it again. Maybe?


Bran muffins, coffee, tacos. A lot of these things make you run funny to a restroom. I found a new schedule breaker...chia seeds. Mrs. Pants and I found out quickly, a little GOES a long way. No doubt you get an energy boost, but is it worth it?

I try to have a "not in public" policy, but once in a while, there is an emergency and you HAVE to go into a public wasteland. It says a lot about our society... How we leave the bathroom for the next guy. It's like a scene from a horror flick in any mens room. Someone grunting and breathing loudly...  Like a scene from Saw but with poop instead of murder.

Crab fondue left a mark with me... Literally. What is your danger food?


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