Before you say it, yes I do know we are supposed to keep travel to what is deemed "essential" and if it was a trip for anything (or anyone) else I definitely would not have gone.

This year we were finally able to celebrate my sister's 21st birthday so when it came down to the big plans for it, back in January B.C. (before Corona), we decided Nashville was the place to be.

None of us had been before, we were so excited and put down the (non-refundable) deposit on our condo and then COVID-19 hit.

We were hoping this whole pandemic we have found ourselves in this year would have blown over by August, however, it didn't and we decided we would still make the best of it.

So, masks in hand and a general respect for doing what we need to do to comply with any and all protocols and changes we took to Music City!

Many of the more popular spots in downtown Nashville were closed so we just decided to pop into any bars that were open and not at their 25% capacity limit.

There were many places that had a six-person limit so our seven-person party had to get split up in tables of four and three but we made the most of that too.

The third day we were there, we decided to get away from the hustle and bustle of downtown and go where it can never be closed down, nature!

We went on a long hike, like a real hike with climbing over rocks and everything, to Greeter Falls which was  a beautiful set of waterfalls with a swimming hole. I sure beat up my legs a bit but it was absolutely worth it!

On our last night we decided to hit the town one last time to see what was open and ended up getting to see one round of live music at Honky Tonk Central and made it to Hard Rock Cafe.

It kind of seemed like the option that made the most sense when you have a Classic Rock morning show host with you. We sat right in front of the Jimi Hendrix Experience display and even got a private tour of the rest of the restaurant thanks to the amazing manager.

All in all, while we didn't get the "full" Nashville experience, it was enough of a taste that I absolutely cannot wait to go back for more.

Here are some photos of all of the fun we had:

Maitlynn's Trip To Nashville

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