Today is Angus Young is 62 years old. He is the only AARP member I know who wears a school boy outfit. I bet he would have some AWESOME stories. Do you think anyone has ever told him he needs to wear something a little more age appropriate?

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Who would be the Classic Rocker you would most like to share a retirement home with? Be careful, living with some of these people may get old quick. Always smoking and hitting on the girls younger than their grandchildren. (Mick Jagger I am looking at you) Not that I am judging but it seems as you get older you do get a bit more judgemental. Ask Deb about aunt Joyce.

Deb liked Alice Cooper. He would have some awesome stories. I think I would like Keith Richards. Sure, the smell would be monumental but the stories... Even just the laugh. I mean, it would take about a year to understand him but he will live forever. The stones aren't one of my favorite bands but this guy is one of my favorite people. Great stories.