I was very happy to make it in today. After somehow getting out of my driveway, I was able to make it to I-96 and follow a semi most of the way in to Lansing from Webberville. Easily my most difficult drive of the year. It took just under an hour. This most recent storm could push Michigan to THE SNOWIEST WINTER EVER!
After 4 hours of a nasty winter storm, I emerged from the WMMQ studio to find my car buried in snow. As I was cleaning off the snow, I began to think of what song title would best describe this winter. Cinderella's "Long Cold Winter" kept jumping in my head for some reason. Nazareth "Hair of the Dog" was my second pick. Any "Snowblind" song from either Styx or Black Sabbath seem too easy. It doesn't have to be Classic Rock, any song that best describes this winter. Have fun, be creative and stay safe.