A friend who also has an early December birthday called me on HER birthday, a couple of days before mine -- said she was stopping over with a gift for me.  Uh oh -- I didn't get her anything...she says, 'Don't worry, this really isn't anything you're going to really 'treasure'...she's laughing, I'm wondering what she could possibly be bringing...stops by and drops off this:

Apparently her Mother-In-Law had gotten this for her birthday a few years ago.  My friend barely wears any jewelry -- and the few pieces she does have were recently stolen when thieves busted into her home, leaving behind this little gem.  It's a 'bold' piece.  She wants me to give it to another Sagittarius friend of ours next year, with the hopes that the White Elephant will make the rounds and eventually wind up back with her to start all  over again.

I'd LOVE to see pics of the worst gifts you've ever received!