Tailgate season is upon us. And, even though MSU loosens the reigns on its open container policy on campus for football game days, there are still some rules and regulations that you should be aware of ahead of your tailgate party. Michigan State's Athletic Department has a full rundown of what you can and cannot do on game days here. But, I will breakdown some of the important rules for you here.

First off, no tobacco use!! Tobacco use is a no-no now on the MSU campus. This not only includes cigars and cigarettes, but chewing tobacco, e-cigs, and vapes. Nicotine suppression tools like patches or gum are allowed.

For the Friday night opener, tailgate lots open at 3:30pm. The only lot where alcohol is prohibited is at Munn Field (Shaw Lane and Chestnut). Citations and arrests will still be made for underage drinkers anywhere on campus.

No couches or upholstered furniture are allowed...you never know if someone may feel a need to set it on fire!!

No kegs or other "common source containers" are allowed.

No trailers, no pig roasters. No tents bigger than 10'x10'. And, no beer pong or other drinking game paraphernalia is allowed.