Another BIG THANKS to my friend Jean Downey for snapping me these pictures like she did last year. Click here to see last years ball jokes.

The holiday decorations have been erected and the balls are out in Lansing for your pleasure! Jean caught the delicate ball adjustment being made in downtown.

The balls tend to shrink up in the cold and look smaller when you see them in real life.

A few years ago, the balls were damaged and the city said the town would go ball less. Well, a local businessman wasn't having a ball less holiday and had the balls repaired. Click here to see the ball damage story. 7 grand for the ball repair work!

This year, they trimmed a bunch of bushes down, so the balls look more visible.

The Lansing "Family Jewels" are worth a trip downtown to see. 4 Balls in a pile. Detroit don't have the balls. Grand Rapids... Please. WE'VE GOT THE BIGGEST BALLS OF THEM ALL!

Please! Go get a selfie with the balls, send it to me and I'll start a ball lover gallery!

Remember to please wash your hands after handling the balls.

WTF is an ornament? These are balls. Come see the balls in downtown Lansing on Washington Ave! OR it's coal for you!

Lansing Balls

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