As a pickle fiend myself, National Pickle Day is a pretty big deal and I am happy to report Michigan made the top 20 in how much we love pickles!

National Pickle Day is coming on Saturday, November 14th which means celebrations are certainly in order!

Sure, there are people out there who really hate pickles and honestly, I love those people too because that means whenever we happen to go out to eat together, I get their pickle.

While there are people who don't like pickles, there are apparently more people here in Michigan who DO like them.

According to a survey done by Zippia, Michigan ranks 19th out of 50 in "States That Love Pickles the Most"

It makes sense, too, not only is Michigan home to Berrien Springs which was once named "Christmas Pickle Capital of the World" (read more on that HERE).

Not only does Michigan rank in the top 20 of states loving pickles most, we are also one of five states that produce 72 percent of ALL pickles.

Yes, you read that right.

Zippia broke it down further, saying from 2014 to 2015, Michigan actually produced just over 34 percent of the United States' pickles and in 2018, 35,000 acres of pickling cucumbers were grown in the Mitten state alone.

Michigan-made pickles are not only a big portion of all the pickles in the United States but they are also a big DILL among people who enjoy brands like McClure's which produces their family-recipe pickles in Detroit.

After growing up spending Michigan summers making pickles with their grandmother's recipe, Bob and Joe McClure decided to drop their other careers and set out on a pickle manufacturing venture and have since created a plethora of products like Bloody Mary mixes and more that you can get at grocery stores like Meijer!

Michigan people are passionate about pickles and we can always appreciate a reason to celebrate them.

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