My friend Mary is in town with her family, visiting some friends in the wild beauty of northern Michigan. She has these insights to share - if you have suggestions to add to the list, please do so!

1) It is easier to shave your legs in the lake off the dock steps than in the stand up shower.

2) Lighter fluid is helpful in starting your lakeside fire. Gasoline is for hillbillies.

3) When vacationing with a house full of ladies, the men should always choose the gallant route and use the great outdoors for a urinal.

4) Lawn games are more interesting in the water. (Pretty sure the neighbors were appalled by our badminton game as they gracefully pulled away on their boat)

5) It is never, ever, too early for boozy coffee.

And, they were listening to Bob Seger while playing cards (not euchre, but at least there were cards involved).

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