While My Honey and I were in Denver, we rented part of a house for a couple of days via VRBO (Vacation Rental By Owner), which is sort of like staying with friends, only they're not there. And you pay.

The place was great - had everything we needed. Really nice property owner who lives in the 'garden level' apartment (sounds nicer than the basement).

Sunday morning, My Honey went to the gym, then after he left, I was headed out for a walk, pulled the door shut and the door handle came out in my hand. And there was no other way in, because I'd locked the slider lock on the side door. Fortunately, the issue was resolved by the property owner by the time I returned.

NOT the first time that's happened to me! The first house I bought was on the corner of Huron and Allegan Streets in downtown Lansing when the same thing happened. No one was home, it was late on a Monday night. Fortunately, a friend put me up for the night until I could deal with it the next day. WTH?

See the Japanese Maple in the front yard of that house? I planted it. I see now that I put it WAY too close to the house.

Courtesy Google Maps
Courtesy Google Maps

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