Some cousins cause trouble, some cousins are your best friends but either way, that relationship is one of the most valuable in your family.

Whether you have all older cousins who taught you things maybe your parents wouldn't want you to know, or you have all younger cousins who you were the one being a role model (either good or bad) for, cousins are always important.

I am lucky in that I have so many cousins and such a great relationship with all of them.

My dad is one of six children, each of those six had children of their own so on my dad's side alone I have nine first cousins and countless extended ones. On my mom's side I have five, three of which are part Fhilipino so people are usually baffled we're related!

Safe to say, family events were always fun and growing up was hardly ever lonely.

Having so many cousins got even more fun as we all became adults and found our boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, wives and started expanding their own families.

Seeing my cousins' children growing up definitely makes me feel old. My one cousin's daughter started 6th grade recently and I feel like I must have missed something.

One relationship I noticed though was one of the most special was the one I got to have with my cousins' significant others!

Being the oldest out of me and my sisters, I always wondered what it would be like to have an older sister myself and I am so thankful for that bond my cousins brought into my life.

I remember the first time I was dumped, my cousin's wife came over armed with chocolate, ice cream and the best advice.

Now, I am getting to see and feel how great being on the other side of that is with Jordan's little cousin Loren.

When I met her she was 13 and now, this year, she just graduated high school and is moving on to college in Chicago next week.

It has been such a gift to watch her grow up, discover herself, and develop a bond with her where she actually values my opinion and advice.

While I do have younger sisters of my own, feeling like I'm "needed" and appreciated as a big sister figure is something so special to me.

I realize more and more that however important cousins are to us, our cousins girlfriends truly are a treasure...and I'm not trying to toot my own horn when I say that!

There is something so special and underrated about being "the cousin's girlfriend" and it's a type of family relationship that truly means so much.

I understand not everyone can have the same experience that i did and that's okay, but maybe use this as a way to think about your cousins, maybe your favorite cousins, and reach out to them!

After all, family is family and this song is a great way to remind us of that:

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