My last day doing the show in the WMMQ studio was March 23rd. I REALLY don't like doing the show from home but I am making the best out of this pandemic situation.

I am really just trying to keep my family safe. I am a social butterfly who has thrived in public situations my entire life. My wife is an introvert hermit who I had to beg to go out. We hooked up in 1995 and got married in 1999. We were together 21 years before we had our child. We went through a lot to have her. I won't go into it all but our daughter is really a miracle. She has Down Syndrome. When the doctors discovered this, they started offering us "termination dates." While this may be the best option for some, it was extremely insulting to us. We pressed on and Nugget was born in 2016.

She has completed our family perfectly and we can't imagine life without her.

We sent her to preschool last year in November. In December, she got very sick. So sick, we had to hold her upright while she slept to allow the snot to drain from her nose. With Down Syndrome, you have very narrow sinuses. Making it more likely she would develop the nasty respiratory issue if she got COVID-19. We are strongly leaning towards keeping her out of school even if they go back in the fall, like 1/3 of all parents in Michigan. The risk is far greater than the reward.

THE RISK IS FAR GREATER THAN THE REWARD. That is why I am still home.

We went to a graduation open house this weekend. No one was wearing a mask. I saw one lady walking away with one. It told me I needed to get out of there too. We left after 5 minutes.

My daughter is 3 years old with Down Syndrome and wears a mask for you. Would you please wear one for her in public? Even if you are outside, it can spread. It spread HERE from outside at a Wuhan market in China.

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