Sure, you can think differently, but I have some sharp-toothed friends who might beg to differ!

I'm not really sure where my fascination with Discovery Channel's "Shark Week" came from, I was not head-over-heels with fascination over sharks as a kid...I was actually pretty scared!

I guess it started just being home all summer when school was out and finding something new and exciting to watch aside from the Disney Channel.

As I watched more and more of it I found myself beyond intrigued by sharks and really getting into the spirit of "Shark Week."

Of course, I'm not alone in this thought, otherwise why would they keep having it?

My friend Lauren actually loves "Shark Week" so much, she plans an entire week of treats, activities and outfits for her and her son to enjoy while also learning lots about sharks.

Of course, we live nowhere near an ocean here in Michigan but we can't help our curiosity...could sharks survive in the Great Lakes?

The short answer is, no, not really. Though, Great Lakes Guide does say promotions for "Shark Week" did place a fake shark in Lake Ontario.

However, that's neither here nor there.

Though some sharks can survive and thrive in fresh water, here's a few simple reasons why you probably would not find any in the Great Lakes:

3 Reasons Sharks Can't Survive Great Lakes

So as you indulge in your shark-watching as "Shark Week" goes from August 9th through the 16th on the Discovery Channel, you can rest easy knowing they're a creature you'll never have to encounter in Michigan!

I guess that's probably one of the main reasons I love shark week so much.

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