Michigan just hit a new milestone, Thursday saw nearly 5,600 new coronavirus cases in Michigan. Today it was lower at 3,763 but I think we are about to see an explosion.

Cases are on the rise in every age group but especially children. Last Saturday, thousands of children went door to door on Halloween. Thursday's high number is no doubt connected to that.

Then, the election Tuesday with one Ingham County election worker who already tested positive. We will see another little bump from the election. My guess is by next week we will set a new record with around 8 thousand new cases in a single day. There will be a lot of people spreading this around next week, that is why I think it's the perfect time to stay home and stay safe.

Look, I am going bats#*^ crazy with pandemic fatigue too but when you have a little girl you LIVE for who has Down Syndrome and is high risk... YOU MAKE SACRIFICES. I get some people are miserable and hopeless. Wearing a mask is taking away their freedom, while COVID has taken away the lives of almost a quarter of a million Americans. You can't kick shoot COVID, you can't bully it or kick it's ass. The one defense we have is a mask.

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Chief Medical Executive Dr. Joneigh Khaldun said Thursday if we don't change the current course, Michigan will be burying around 100 souls per day by Christmas. 

Keep your elders and high risk safe. Wear a mask and stay home.

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