It was March 19th when our therapist sneezed during our session working with my daughter on occupational therapy. On the way home, I told my wife cancel the in-person therapy and pull our daughter out of preschool. All she did when she went to school was get REALLY sick anyway. She may well have caught one of the strains but do we want to test her with the other 5? She was so sick and stuffed up in December, we had to hold her up while she slept for the mucus to drain out. We had to check to see if she was still breathing. It really was a nightmare.

Our daughter has Down Syndrome and she is more likely to have severe respiratory issue than the average kid. Even if it doesn't kill her, we don't want her spreading it to her family.

About half the teachers don't want to go back either. Some are so close to retirement, they have to.

We may be the best teachers for her anyway. Her teacher is going to send us some info but we have already got with some other moms, got supplies and are forming a plan. Since we have been home with her, we have seen huge strides in her speech.

Look, I am a terrible parent. A worse teacher. I may be a decent physical education instructor and a decent speech therapist though.

The virus could be more severe during the cold months. It's spreading pretty fast in the heat. Imagine what it will do in it's desired environment. The dry indoor air will likely help the spread. Experts thought it may reemerge by then... But will it ever even go away so it can come back?

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