Headlights are required for motor vehicles in Michigan. Headlights make sense so we can see where we are going. They also make sense for safety reasons like being visible to other drivers. If we have a "high beam" option wouldn't it make sense that the high beams are ok to use at any time?

I drive like a 49 year old man. I am a 49 year old dude, it comes with the territory. I hover going just over the speed limit, on the highway I tend to do 9 mph over. When I drive in the city limits I stay close to the speed limit because there is more traffic, less reaction time and a better chance of getting a ticket.


What about the use of headlights?

High beams on our vehicles have gotten really bright over the past decade. The headlights that are installed on newer vehicles are way too bright in my opinion. It's as if you don't need a high beam option anymore because the "normal" beams are bright enough. I use the high beams when I am driving in the country or if there is not oncoming traffic. High beams could be used as a beacon to see us from space.

Growing up I had heard urban legends like,

If someone is driving towards you without their headlights on, don't flash them, it's some sort of gang initiation and if you flash them then you become their target for intitiation.

This is an urban legend. I do give a subltle flash to those oncoming vehicles that don't have the headlights on when it's dark outside.

Burke/Triolo Productions
Burke/Triolo Productions

With the help of the Daily Huron Tribune, we answer the question. Will flashing your high beams get you a ticket in Michigan?

Using high-beams within 500 feet of an oncoming vehicle is a violation of the Michigan Vehicle Code, and it could earn you a fine. Drivers are also required to dim their brights for oncoming bicycle and pedestrian traffic, as well. It’s also illegal to flash your high-beams within 500 feet of approaching vehicles, too.

Yes, you can receive a fine for driving with your high beams on. Sometimes I forget that they are still enabled on my vehicle until the oncoming traffic flashes me to alert me that I am driving like a "jerk". Thanks for looking out and letting me know and I'm sorry I blinded you.

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