It's easy to get comfortable with the above normal temperatures we've had in Mid-Michigan so far this winter season. In fact, Monday night recorded the coldest temperatures thus far. But, if you've been slacking on getting that furnace tuned up, or procrastination has kept you from splitting logs, now is the time to kick yourself into gear.

According to this article at, we're in store for what is being labeled as an interesting week by Meteorologist Mark Torregrossa. In his article, he states that an arctic blast is building momentum in Canada, and, early on, it appears that it's on a crash course for the mitten. But, it's still early to nail down all of Mother Nature's specifics.

Winter lovers should be excited. Warm weather fans also have reason to stay somewhat optimistic. Extreme cold temperatures are expected in Wisconsin and Michigan's Upper Peninsula next week, with sub-zero low temperatures likely. But, here in Lansing, we may be shielded by the bitterness a bit, thanks to warm water temperatures in Lake Michigan. The potential drawback of this is if northwesterly winds are indeed in store next week, it could lead to a lake effect snow episode...due to those same warm water temps.