Thank you to everyone who joined us at Reno's North last night for the WMMQ 33rd Birthday Party as we celebrated the "Classic Rock" format that was launched here in Lansing in 1985; the genesis of this beloved genre of music actually began on 92.7 before making its way to 94.9 on the dial.

Of course the initial boundaries of our terrestrial radio signal were limited to how far the signal traveled and could be tuned in on our receivers. You can now listen on your desktop or any of your mobile devices anywhere in the world! Free download of the WMMQ app is here, or you can just go to your app store and grab it.

Thank you to Reno's North for being such magnificent hosts and thank YOU all for listening, whether you just found us last week, or like Capital City Blues Cruise Host Scott Allman, you've been along for 31 of those 33 years!

The WMMQ staff, Joey Pants, Duran Martinez, Nick Chase, All Request Saturday Night Host Wally Londo, Scott Allman and I are grateful that you lend us your ears - cheers!

And thank you Scott Allman and Duran Martinez for the photos here, which I stole without explicit permission. FYI - Scott is a fantastic photographer/videographer if you need professionally captured images.