I know some will think "even locked up you can still get it!"

My take is, DAMN, this stuff is contagious.

A lady in North Carolina was quarantined for 3 weeks away from her husband because she has autoimmune issues. Well, she somehow got the virus and now is the sickest she has ever been.

She said the only possible way she could have got it, was from a grocery delivery. They dropped off groceries at her house once, with no contact and she still got the virus. Why? Because the delivery person later tested positive and she retrieved the groceries without gloves.

We have been doing curbside pickup and haven't been shopping in the stores for almost 2 months. I try to be as safe as I can with my groceries because people can have this and not show any symptoms. They can still pass it to you even though they aren't sick. So, I wear gloves, throw all the bags away and wipe everything down with bleach wipes or dish soap and water, then bring it in. Sometimes my wife makes me wipe it twice... The groceries.

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