Yesterday was World Down Syndrome Day. 3/21. There is a description below that can explain it far better than me. On 3/21 we rock the socks to show support for those with Down Syndrome and their families... My Daughter Nugget has Down Syndrome. Click here to see her baby story.

I wasn't expecting to do a fundraiser but all it took was a few button clicks and we raised almost 800 bucks for the Capital Area Down Syndrome Association. A group I am very fortunate to be a part of.

Howie Swain was the first to tag me at 10pm Wednesday night

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Then this morning, they all started popping up.

I said to myself I wouldn't sit here and tear up at the computer but it's hard not to with all the love.

If you don't get what the socks are all about.

If you feel frisky, please tag us on your social media #nuggetpants #joeypants #rockthesocks

If you don't know what Down Syndrome looks like... It's this.

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